Higher Education Students' Union Award

To recognise the achievements of Student’s Unions in the past twelve months in shaping education and empowering individuals


1. Explain the context and background of your submission.

  • What developments have been identified and achieved within the last 12 months?


2. Describe what actions you took, and the challenges that arose.

  • Put in place activities to benefit their members
  • Can demonstrate student leadership
  • Can demonstrate inclusivity in decision making
  • Created or strengthened healthy partnerships where they are equal partners


3. What changes have been achieved?

  • Outcomes and impact align to objective
  • Demonstrate impact on their organisation (changed, policy, process, market research, vote, press releases, videos)
  • Demonstrate impact on the parent institution (committee paper, changed policy, market research, press release, video)
  • Demonstrate impact on their membership (market research, vote, video).