Club or Society of the Year Award

To recognise the exemplary work of those groups organised and led, by and for students. Clubs and Societies do everything from knitting to skydiving, from activisim to sport - and much more. They are a key aspect of the student experience. This award will go to the Club or Society that can demonstrate that they have effectively engaged with students, offered exciting and meaningful opportunities, created an inclusive and supportive environment and made a positive difference to the wider student community.


1. Explain the context and background of your submission.

  • What does your club or society do and why do you feel its mission is important?


2. Describe what actions were taken and the challenges that arose.

  • How did you engage with students, including existing and/or new members?
  • What activities, opportunities and events did you offer throughout the year? How did these activities help to develop your members (skills development, introduction to new ideas, engagement with the Students’ Association, etc.)
  • How did you create an environment that was inclusive and supportive? In what ways did this benefit your membership and improve their student experience?


3. What do you feel you have accomplished?

  • What difference has your activity had on your club or society? Has it grown in numbers, has engagement improved, has activity increased?
  • In what ways has your club or society helped to shape the student community around it? Has it worked with other societies to increase impact and create interesting initiatives? Has it participated in local fundraising or charity work? Has it raised awareness of important issues?
  • Please provide any pictures, videos or other media that demonstrate your activity and its impact.