Participation Award

To recognise inclusive student participation opportunities that have had a transformative impact on the people involved as well as the world around them.

1. Explain the context and background of your submission.

  • How did you identify the need/want to change?
  • What objectives were set?
  • Is the nomination for a union-wide initiative or for an activity led by a group/society/community?  


2. Describe what actions you took, and the challenges that arose.

  • Can you demonstrate evidence of student leadership?
  • Can you demonstrate time and resources dedicated to developing participation opportunities and promoting exciting opportunities to all members?
  • How did you promote participation opportunities to under-represented and traditionally hard-to-reach groups?

3. What changes have been achieved?

  • Does the outcome and impact align with the objectives set?
  • Do students know how they can participate in all aspects of the union?
  • Can you evidence change credited to your work (press release/article/committee paper/ impact report/video etc.)