Representation and Campaigning Award

To recognise inclusive and impactful representation systems and campaigns that empower students and improve students’ lives.

1. Explain the context and background of your submission.

  • How did you identify the need/want to change?
  • What objectives were set – short and long term?
  • How were students involved in identifying the change that needed to be made?

2. Describe what actions you took and the challenges that arose.

  • Can you demonstrate robust support mechanisms to improve the effectiveness of student representatives or member-led campaigns?
  • Were key influencers/decision makers identified?
  • Can you demonstrate student involvement in the design and delivery of the work?
  • How did you address/overcome any challenges faced?

3. What changes have been achieved?

  • Does the outcome and impact align to objectives set?
  • Can you evidence change credited to your work (evidence that student perspectives are accurately communicated and considered when major decisions are made through e.g. a committee papers / press release/ article / impact report / video)